Electric Cars Are A Scam for utility companies and people like Elon Musk, who owns charging stations. The average person worldwide is being made to believe your gas car runs on gas. That is a half-truth your gas car runs on electricity. You can have a full gas tank, and your car won’t start without a battery. If Elon Musk, whom many people seem to think is a billionaire hero, is really a major con man. He owns the Tesla charging stations, so you need to recharge your battery. But if this con man, also the CEO of Space X, was honest, he would add the one thing in your gas car, and your EV would never need charging, which would really help the environment. Now very machinic knows the one thing you gas car needs to keep the electricity flowing, so your car keeps running. All Musk needs to install is two parts; your EV never needs charging.