Are you unhappy with your career? Well, you are not alone 55% of Americans are unhappy with their career. Even more interesting is that the top 10% are the only ones who are in the career of their first choice. This group is also you must successful and wealthiest. These top earns chose their career at between the ages of 10 and 11. Just think of the advantage they have over someone getting interested in the same field at age 18. There is 8 more years of dreaming and visualizing in order to attract success. Therefore those starting later need to develop visualization skills that can amplify and accelerate the process.

Let’s examine this more closely as a 10 year old boy named Sam day dreams, visualizes a career everyday for 8 years to till he is 18 years old. This means he visualized for 2,920 days. Now at 30 minutes a day that would be a total of 1,460 hours of visualization in order to manifest his dream. Now when Sam is 17 another boy Tom decides at the age of 17 to manifest the same dream. However, Tom has not sent a single minute in doing so, therefore in order to compete with Sam, Tom now needs meditate, day dream, visualize 4 hours a day for one year in order to equal Sam’s 1,460 hours of visualization.

Therefore, the older you are the more time and energy is needed to attract your desires. It also means all unnecessary thoughts most be eliminated because those thought subtract and reverse the process. Therefore a guide is needed to help you accelerate the process so you can obtain your desires and be where you were intended to be.