Formula for Manifestation

Today I will reveal to you the Secret behind the Secret. Folks  a scorpion asked a fog if it would carry it across a stream. The Fog replied,  “No because you will sting me.” The scorpion said, “If I do we will both die because I cannot swim.” The fog agrees to carry the scorpion across the stream. Half way across the scorpion stings the fog. The fog asked, “Why did you do that.” He answered,  “I am a scorpion that’s what I do.”  “We can’t be something we are not but we can be great and who and what we are.”

In an article written by Erica Person of the Daily News on Wednesday, January 06, 2010 she wrote a new study shows 45% of the work force are satisfied with their work, which means 55% are not. Also that 90% of the work force are doing something that is not their first choice.  This means only 10% are doing the career of their first choice. It is also interesting that this is the same group that is most successful and wealthiest in their careers.

Here is the secret behind the secret is this group of top earners chose their career between the ages of 10 and 11.  Why is it the secret behind the secret; because they have an advantage over someone getting interested in the same field at the age of 18.  The 10 year old has 8 more years of visualizations in order to attract success; therefore, the individual starting at 18 needs to develop visualization skills that can amplify and accelerate the process.

If we believe that the Law of Attraction, is a actual phenomenon requiring visualization then we must also assume a mathematical formula of M is = to the number visualizations times the length (duration in time) times amplitude or emotional level supporting the visualization. M = NxLxA

Let’s examine this more closely using our two examples; Sam is 10 years old he visualizes for 8 years or 2,920 days. He spends 30 minutes a day “daydreaming,” visualizing about a career, and he puts small degree of emotion behind his “daydreaming.” Sam has spent 1,460 hours of visualization in order to manifest his dream. Now if Tom decides on the same career at age 17 he has done nothing to manifest the same dream, desire. Now in order for Tom age 17 to complete and be equal by age 18, he needs to spend 1,460 hours of  “daydreaming” by visualizing 365 days but not at half and hour but 4 hours a day with little of no real emotion support, just to be in competition.

If however, we can rise the level of emotional desire to a level 2 than the amount of visualization hours is reduced to 2 hours per day, or by maintaining the visual hours constant and increasing amplification Tom can accelerate the process and surpass Sam.  However, if young Sam increases his amplitude he can become a child prodigy.

Therefore, the secret behind the secret is to know your talent at an early age and visualizing a successful career performing your talent. The older you are the more time and energy is needed to attract your desires. It also means all unnecessary thoughts most be eliminated because those thoughts subtract the process resulting in either nullifying or causing reverse effects.

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