Traveling around the Earth you can see the natural beauty of it and what are the chances that all these different forms could have been done by accident, 10 to the power of 300 or more, (300 zeros after the 10). Also for a planet like ours to have been created by chance the odds are even greater. Here is the to Good News it wasn’t, therefore, it must have been made by a Master Artist.

A “Beautiful World” by Danny Shipley, a 22 year old Christian Musician from Cleveland, Ohio who has been playing music for 11 years and writing songs for the past 8. His musical journey began with playing guitar in churches, which led to joining alternative rock bands, as well as metal bands. He decided to take a different path in 2012 as a song writer/solo artist.  His first EP was recorded in February 2014 and he is loving every show. There are a few more songs by Danny on the show and a wonderful meditation by Cybergina.

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