The Liberal Left is promoting a new ideal family. It could not have come at a better time. With higher gas prices, a war going on, nearly a trillion dollars worth of military equipment was left to an enemy. Americans need a new direction for the future. A new religion promotes a new hypothesis for human biology and that new direction with a dislike for Patriarchy and Heteronormativity. Which an old faith repackaged now called Identity Faith. The result has led people to change their family structure and many lives. People are suddenly identifying with their true selves. The true self hidden inside their body at the very being of their whole life can be free. This movement has created a new sense of freedom for so many people. It all begins with President Obama wanting men to use the lady’s room. Sitting down to urinate brought about the first sign of freedom. Men’s briefs were no longer needed and replaced with soft female panties or thongs. At the same time, individuals with a vagina can now stand to urinate at the urinal with the Shewee device, the next evolution of the human species.

Men of all ages began dressing in women’s clothing when no one was home. They began to try on clothing provided by mom, a sister, even a wife. The hundreds of videos on the Internet for training led to the use of makeup, wigs, and finally, to go outdoors as a woman. The easy access to hormones and breast implants has made the physical transformation complete. The same transformation happened with women dressing as men, taking testosterone for facial and body hair larger muscle mass. The final step was having sex with the new body. This last step provided the emotional need to experience sexual behavior in the Identified Gender. The voyage is now being completed. The sexual experience provides the final stage of realizing the true Identity.

It brings this discussion to the present new picture of the family dynamic. Mom now has a penis for breeding since dad has a vagina to give birth and breasts used for nursing infants. Doctors now call a child with a penis seed provider and the one with a vagina the seed receiver. Hollywood, the media, and the Liberal Left are happy with the new family structure. Those who hold to the old traditions are called radicals and prevented from using social media with rebellion, leading to arrest. The old views of religion are too restrictive, preventing real spiritual growth and therefore outlawed. Those who continue to resist change but are not outspoken are not permitted to participate in sports or hold important positions in the workforce—public opinion viewers this group to be non evolved. The Left is cheering that true freedom is finally here, for the inner spiritual demon can now fully possess the body of the human it desired, without interference.