Two glasses of equal size one is full with water the  other has none.

Our first impression is that the glass with water is full while the other is empty, but is this judgment correct. Today we hear all types of theories about how to use our brain and our thoughts. The idea that if we just use our minds a certain way we will achieve all our hearts desires. The idea is that science wishes to provide the answers for all our behaviors. Well let’s take a look at the two glasses. The one with water can only hold a pint of water before over flowing. Our ego thinks that it can control its fate with just its own natural brainpower. So it fills itself with ideas and theories to convince itself with the illusion of being full. Now let’s take a closer look at the so-called empty glass. It is full of air, but not only is the glass full of air it is connected to all the air surrounding the earth. There is no separation between the air in the glass and that of what is outside the glass. When we surrender our Ego and empty our self of its desire to control and accept the presence of God within, Universal Consciousness, the separation between the consciousness of God and man vanishes, and we become one. Now with God all things become possible.