There are a great number of teachers, trainers, and politicians that believe that if you provided enough training and knowledge an individual will become very successful. If the same individual takes on the responsibility of self-training and development they will achieve greatness. These individuals seem to forget or disregard two fundamental ingredients. One, natural talent, two love for the talent. No degree of training can supersede the degree of talent. Talent is the potential level of success. Proper training and putting into action that potential talent is now the kinetic form of the talent.  A one-ton rock on the side of a hill is a one-ton rock. If it is caused to move it is now a one-ton rock rolling down the side of a hill it does not become a two-ton rock rolling down the side of a hill. It is what it is, nothing more.

This is the fundamental reason why education fails. No amount of training can equal talent. Talent can be trained and polished to perform at excellent. No amount of cutting and polishing can make glass into a diamond. Cutting and polishing is what revives the beauty of the potential in the diamond. You can cut and form glass to appear as a diamond but it cannot perform as one. The same is true with anything, even careers. You cannot teach someone to throw a ball at 95 miles per hour but you can teach him control. No amount of training can ever accede the degree of potential talent. The natural talent and ability of an individual is the seed of their fruit. An apple seed can only bring fort an apple tree that products more apples and apple seeds. Man is the only creature with his egotistical arrogance and ignorance to believe that he can make peaches from apple seeds.

Two, if I have talent and do not love it I will never train enough to develop the talent to the level of excellence simply because I do not enjoy performing the task. Therefore without love for a talent excellence and the possession of a talent an individaul cannot achieve greatness at something he/she is not and loves not.