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On This Doc will discuss the idea of sacrifice. Picking up your personal cross and dying to self. In today’s society people are only interested in pleasing and providing pleasure for the self. If we are to evolve into higher a level of spiritual being we need to seek first the Kingdom of God. Tune in and also listen to a meditation.





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Love isn’t just a word and there are no words can describe God’s love. “Love God with all you heart and soul and love your neighborhood, as you love yourself.” This is what we need more of and less of what is happening in the world today.  Music by the b-attitudes, and Flo, you must listen to their songs, and a meditation by Cybergina.



The gift on Love brings with it talents that we are able to use during our life time. Now there are two major Books one deals with what I plan to do for love and Book 2 is what I did for Love they are a two part series by the same author.

I also have  Sha King sharing about his early experiences with music and singing that lead him to his present career. The Way by Jeremy Camp and Love Will Find You by Jaci Velasquez are two great songs on todays show along with a meditation to having you experience peace in your heart and soul.


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Another secret behind the secret and that is 15 or 30 minutes of Visualization is not enough if you are thinking about something else the other 23.5 hours a day. You have now successfully manifested something you didn’t desire.


A Podcast


Today I would like to share with you what the power supply for the human apparatus is and how it works when compared to a machine.

I will examine the shift from potential energy to kinetic energy, from peace to love. The primary objective is to view love as a verb. The secondary objective is to illustrate achieving peak humanity.

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No one deserves to be mistreated, harmed, abused and certainly not tortured and killed. Yet it happens everyday and it is promoted in films, television and on the Internet many times  daily, one show after another. Isn’t it about time we started to support films and television broadcasting that lifts the human spirit to a higher levels, in areas of life, and not through lectures or talk shows but through quality films and shows. I encourage you to help us to produce Least of Brothers a film that lifts the spirit. Visit our website at http://www.leastofbothers.com check out the perks and make a donation, and may God Bless you.

There are a great number of teachers, trainers, and politicians that believe that if you provided enough training and knowledge an individual will become very successful. If the same individual takes on the responsibility of self-training and development they will achieve greatness. These individuals seem to forget or disregard two fundamental ingredients. One, natural talent, two love for the talent. No degree of training can supersede the degree of talent. Talent is the potential level of success. Proper training and putting into action that potential talent is now the kinetic form of the talent.  A one-ton rock on the side of a hill is a one-ton rock. If it is caused to move it is now a one-ton rock rolling down the side of a hill it does not become a two-ton rock rolling down the side of a hill. It is what it is, nothing more.

This is the fundamental reason why education fails. No amount of training can equal talent. Talent can be trained and polished to perform at excellent. No amount of cutting and polishing can make glass into a diamond. Cutting and polishing is what revives the beauty of the potential in the diamond. You can cut and form glass to appear as a diamond but it cannot perform as one. The same is true with anything, even careers. You cannot teach someone to throw a ball at 95 miles per hour but you can teach him control. No amount of training can ever accede the degree of potential talent. The natural talent and ability of an individual is the seed of their fruit. An apple seed can only bring fort an apple tree that products more apples and apple seeds. Man is the only creature with his egotistical arrogance and ignorance to believe that he can make peaches from apple seeds.

Two, if I have talent and do not love it I will never train enough to develop the talent to the level of excellence simply because I do not enjoy performing the task. Therefore without love for a talent excellence and the possession of a talent an individaul cannot achieve greatness at something he/she is not and loves not.