The subconscious mind of an individual suffering from ADHD or ADD is that of a prey watching out for a predator.  At some point in very early childhood something or someone may have caused the child pain. The pain becomes remembered as fear. However, unlike a phobia the cause of the fear is unknown, therefore  subconsciously the mind is concerned with protecting the body from danger. The term attention deficit therefore is inaccurate the mind is focused on locating the source of possible danger. Everything else is not important.

Observe a rabbit while it may be eating a carrot its attention is always on the look up for a predator man or wolfe. The rabbits main concern is survival. Individauls placed in high risk occupations function well, in fact better than those who are not. The reason being is that the possible source for danger is exposed so they are able to deal with and avoid the danger.

Guide meditation can provide the child or adult with a method of over coming the need to discover a source for danger. Meditation can help the individual to still the mind of any unknown fear and permitting the individual to focus on other areas rather than a possible predator.