I often read or hear about how our schools are failing and now it seems the reason for failure is the teacher. However, I would like us to examine and compare education with other industries.

We often read or hear how education is failing in the USA. I would like to illustrate and compare education with other industries.

Let’s take a walk through any different industry for a moment. I am in the business of making windows so I need to order glass, and wood, and other metal pieces that I don’t make so I place and order for wood and the material comes damaged or twisted so I can’t use it. So I send it back and either have them ship me a new order or go to a different suppler. Now I also have a few guys who cannot read a diagram and they are making windows that don’t work so I fire them.

Now in the education industry the laborer and the material are one and the same. A parent sends a school the material to be shaped and molded into something intelligent. However, the product has limitations and should be sent back to the parent however, the parent company tells you their is no refund you have to work with the present material.

Now the material is also your employee who isn’t capable of doing the work or refuses. Problem here is you cannot fire this employee because of government laws forbid it. Also you are not in charge of quality control and outside agency that knows nothing about your business “the government” tells you the your product does not met their standards. You the government tells you that your final product must be diamonds but the parents have sent you, wood, steel, fabric, water, air, the list is endless. The government quality control says NCFB rules are that all children must end up to be the same when the manufacturing is completed. No other industry makes steel from wood.

No other industry has to use poor material and not return it, and use the material as its employees and has outside quality control. Now finally the supervisors “teachers” are held responsible for the final end product. Why aren’t the parents responsible for the product they sent for production?

The education is the only manufacturing company of its type and with outside agencies controlling the outcome, forced to make one product out of many different materials. Now the media and every one else wonders why the system is failing. Any one who tried to turn wood into steel or paper into gold would be considered insane. Yet, this is the mind set when it comes to education.

If you are really interested in the fix contact me. The solution is very simple and cost effective. If you understand my comparison than you can see where the pit falls are and where the changes need to be made.