Community Fusion Inc needs your contributions in order to fund several projects. CFI is a non-profit organization its mission, objective and social change is to fuse multi perceptions of an art experience into one cohesive experience providing the greatest level of benefit to all participating in the event. Its goal is to provide exposure of Moral Judeo-Christian values through the various art forms. By providing the poor underprivileged artists in any of the following areas; literary writing in all genres, acting, fine art, dancing, and music composition and performance an opportunity to display their particular art form, which they may not be able to do because of inability to provide the necessary funds for a film or video production, concert, theatre production, choreography and dance performance, or a gallery event. Secondly CFI provides individuals in the community with opportunity to experience artistic events that they many not have the funds or opportunity to do so. In addition, the community experiences the educational benefit of new and original art events within their own community. Students from the community, in elementary, middle and high schools, benefit greatly by experiencing these performances, which enrich their lives by providing cultural and spiritual exposure. It also provides students with career options especially when witnessing local individuals performing in various art forms rather than drugs and criminal activities. The educational experience for children and teenagers is self-discovery of their own potential God given talents that could lead to greatness and the joy that comes from the love for what one does for the glory of God.

Community Fusion Inc is seeking your help in order to fulfill our ministry. Please make a contribute and support our mission. Send your contributions to 11136 Acama St, Suite 212
Studio City, CA 91602