The Accelerating School Model
by Dr. Anthony Raimondo
The present education model has remained primarily the same while many ineffective programs have been introduced, one after another, and all producing mediocre results. The present model is designed solely for the purpose of analytical examination and formulating hypothesis. In addition, the system disregards the individual and is solely interested in a collective population with a uniformed educational background; one size fits all.
The model presented here is a paradigm shift from the academic model of classroom learning to a more corporate industrial model. It also changes the paradigm from instructing all students to performing equally to individual talent development. The present academic design is constructed on the analytical process of examining and proposing hypothesis, whereas the new model evolves to the level of the practical design of ideas, and putting theories into application. This shifts the model from the abstract theorizing to the concrete fabricating of ideas, being the practical approach of the entrepreneur. The New School Model trains students to first discover a career choice and then to master the skills needed to perform the tasks.
In this model, schools are designed to replicate the corporate service and production industries rather than the university campus environment. The New School Model will go beyond the charter school concept of a school with a theme, to a school that provides evidence of the theme with a tangible product or service, thus giving students hands on experience. Further this evidence is marketable within the community, producing financial earnings in the form of fundraisers for additional activities for students, and bonuses for staff.
The academic department design of a particular school will no longer be divided into academic areas of study, but rather into career groupings. Example, English Language Arts will be publishing and include all the forms of literary publishing from ads to novels. Chemistry becomes quality control and research. The various departments will be based on the overall theme of the school. Students will be encouraged to enroll in programs and schools that support their talents.
Students will be required to decide on career possibility by the ninth grade. An Individualized Training Plan will be developed for each student. The Individual Training Plan will provide all necessary requirements needed to complete the training and advancement to any additional training needed.
For example, let’s look at the folly behind paying for an education at a university in the Performing Arts Department, when the school could produce a film with nearly no budget that could possible gross 140 million dollars, as low budget film, such as, the Blair Witch Project. This is just one of many examples of how the Accelerating School Model could improve education by developing the raw talent of the students, and create practical fundraising projects. As a result the Accelerating School Model would improve the education of our children and would also reduce the cost of education.