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The topic for today’s show is about falling in Love, and wonderful songs to express the idea: by Jason Gray singing, “More like falling in Love,”  “It’s Good to be Alive,” Chris Tomlin singing,”His Grace is Enough,” and the Ball Brothers, singing, “It’s about the Cross,” discussion and an exciting meditation by Cybergina all on today’s show.


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What the science community fails to tell you about the origin of life. In order for Life to exist it must have Life. The odds of it forming by chance are 4 to the 300th power, which means it would be impossible. Oh! No Big Bang but the Big Flash. Listen to an interview with Sonee a wonderful singer, a song by Chris Tomlin, and a meditation that will bring peace and healing to you mind and soul. All on today’s show.


Learn the Truth and God Bless


A great show with Sonee singing her song “Fill me Up” and an Interview with Knick Johnson of Brailler Depot. The theme of our show is always based on the idea of a personal theme that is the essence of our Storied Lives. This theme is built on God’s gift an individual talent for each of us and when we act out the part and play the role the Master Author/Director as for us and the task is easy.





Keeping the word that is spoken. Living up to your Word by always doing what you say you will do. We can always count on One to live up to His Word and that is the topic of today’s show. We will also listen to the wonderful music by Ray Melograne, and a meditation on the Word by Regina.

If you have original Christian music or you have discovered you personal talent/theme and are living that mission and you would like to be on the show send me an email at: doc@docspeaksshow.com

Thank you and God Bless




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Oneness with the Father provides for greater success in life through performing God’s mission that He desires for us. “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” and you will find that His yoke is easy. When we discern the Lords plan for our life it becomes easy to be successful because He provides all that we need.

Begin by becoming comfortable. Place feet flat on the floor, and rest hands on thighs palms down. Now, without moving your head look up at the ceiling. Pick a spot, and count slowly to ten. One, two, three, four, five, six. Notice, as you count that your eyes are beginning to become strained with a small amount of tension seven, eight, nine, ten. Now feel the tension in your eyelids increase. Now take a deep breath, exhale, and allow your eyelids to close gently. Notice how easy it is for your eyelids to relax. Your eyelids are the easiest part of the body to relax. Now take a deep breath and exhale, sending that feeling of relaxation from your eyelids right down the body to the toes and into the floor. Repeat. Take another deep breath, exhale, and move the feeling of calm relaxation down the body to the toes until the whole body becomes as relaxed as the eyelids. Take another deep breath and exhale, sending another flow of relaxation from the top of your head right down to your toes. Now take another deep breath and send another stream of relaxation from your head down to your toes, increasing the feeling of relaxation. Feel the whole body become so relaxed that it cannot move. It feels great to be so relaxed that the body has become still, an immoveable statue.

This is only a part of the exercise if you wish to perform the meditation you can follow along on my YouTube  Channel at:



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