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What the science community fails to tell you about the origin of life. In order for Life to exist it must have Life. The odds of it forming by chance are 4 to the 300th power, which means it would be impossible. Oh! No Big Bang but the Big Flash. Listen to an interview with Sonee a wonderful singer, a song by Chris Tomlin, and a meditation that will bring peace and healing to you mind and soul. All on today’s show.


Learn the Truth and God Bless


Your in good hands with the healing power of  God is the topic of this show. There is also music about healing by Todd Vaters, MercyMe, and Denice Williams, in addition to a meditation on healing.images


A great show with Sonee singing her song “Fill me Up” and an Interview with Knick Johnson of Brailler Depot. The theme of our show is always based on the idea of a personal theme that is the essence of our Storied Lives. This theme is built on God’s gift an individual talent for each of us and when we act out the part and play the role the Master Author/Director as for us and the task is easy.




The Topic for discussion is on the idea of an Inheritance in the way of a talent and a partnership using that talent in a mission. Also there is music and a wonderful meditation design to help you discover your talent and mission. The meditation helps to unveil the talent that you may have been hiding but your subconscious knows.





Positive confessions are positive affirmations, which are based on our inheritance. What we speak is what we get. Proverbs 18:21 “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” There is no secret it has been told to us that what we say with our months and believe in our hearts is what we get.   Why would you wish to say anything that would harm you, so if you want the best for yourself listen to what the Doc is sharing. The show also has meditation and music by the B – Attitudes.

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I look great

I look great


Do you know that you have a wonderful inheritance? It will provide you with success and health and it’s your for the taking.



God Bless


Each of us has a unique talent, which provides us with our own personal theme and mission in life. This talent is something that comes very natural to us. We perform well at it with little or no training. Yet with some further development we perform at excellence. Since are talent is so natural to perform it is also a joy to do and it becomes even more enjoyable and the level of success becomes easy when we partner with God


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On today’s show we have the music by the “B-Attitudes” and the “Gringo Star Project” along with a meditation. The discussion topic today is a Will that provides for us all that we need. It requires some action on our part.





Keeping the word that is spoken. Living up to your Word by always doing what you say you will do. We can always count on One to live up to His Word and that is the topic of today’s show. We will also listen to the wonderful music by Ray Melograne, and a meditation on the Word by Regina.

If you have original Christian music or you have discovered you personal talent/theme and are living that mission and you would like to be on the show send me an email at: doc@docspeaksshow.com

Thank you and God Bless





The topic for this show is “The Ultimate Internet Provider” and the fee that must be paid, in order to be connected. This is not your computer’s internet, this is your personal Wifi to God connection. The show will also feature music by Alex Alocx and a meditation for your benefit.




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Thank you for listening and have a Blessed Day