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Each of us has a unique talent, which provides us with our own personal theme and mission in life. This talent is something that comes very natural to us. We perform well at it with little or no training. Yet with some further development we perform at excellence. Since are talent is so natural to perform it is also a joy to do and it becomes even more enjoyable and the level of success becomes easy when we partner with God


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On today’s show we have the music by the “B-Attitudes” and the “Gringo Star Project” along with a meditation. The discussion topic today is a Will that provides for us all that we need. It requires some action on our part.




The human body as an Image of God in that in that it contains a Universe in it, much like God does. Patty Sadallah will be a guest on the show sharing how she discovered her God given talent and how she is putting it to use. There is also a meditation for Oneness.

If you have  discovered your God given Talent and are living and working the life that God has planed for you I would like to hear it and have you as a guest on the show, contact me at: Doc@docspeaksshow.com

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Human Universe






Doc will be speaking on the subject of a personal mission based on your personal theme for living. A personal theme in action is a mission. A mission becomes the process for how a theme best provides an active behavior for affecting a beneficial experience for an individual or group. A meditation will be provided for the purpose of discovering a theme and mission.