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The Human Bridge between the inner and outer worlds is the topic of the show.  Mark Arnowitz will share how he came to write, “In the Summer of Brain Highlands” and his mission in Costa Rica, also music by CKay and a meditation.

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If I was to write your biography what would the theme of your story be? Share your story of discovering your personal theme and mission with me at: Doc@docspeaksshow.com



The human body as an Image of God in that in that it contains a Universe in it, much like God does. Patty Sadallah will be a guest on the show sharing how she discovered her God given talent and how she is putting it to use. There is also a meditation for Oneness.

If you have  discovered your God given Talent and are living and working the life that God has planed for you I would like to hear it and have you as a guest on the show, contact me at: Doc@docspeaksshow.com

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A continuing discussion on Oneness and the idea of obedience is a part of a willingness to be at One and to perform god’s intended purpose for us, also the next episode of Least of Brothers and another meditation.

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Tune in to the Doc Speaks Show to hear if it is all about looks.


How are we made in the image of God? Is it our physical appearance or is it something more? These are the questions that will be examined on the show, also an audio drama of Least of Brothers. Leave a comment and let me know how you are living God’s Plan.



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Doc will be speaking on the subject of a personal mission based on your personal theme for living. A personal theme in action is a mission. A mission becomes the process for how a theme best provides an active behavior for affecting a beneficial experience for an individual or group. A meditation will be provided for the purpose of discovering a theme and mission.




Doc will be speaking on the subject of a personal mission based on your personal theme for living. A personal theme in action is a mission. A mission becomes the process for how a theme best provides an active behavior for affecting a beneficial experience for an individual or group. A meditation will be provided for the purpose of discovering a theme and mission. In addition an audio drama of Least of Brothers by Dr. Anthony Raimondo will be presented on the show. 

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Oneness with the Father provides for greater success in life through performing God’s mission that He desires for us. “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” and you will find that His yoke is easy. When we discern the Lords plan for our life it becomes easy to be successful because He provides all that we need.


The objective of this exercise  is to experience oneness with the Father through oneness with His other personalities. These other personalities are archetypes that can provide us with insight into oneness with the Father, for the Father was at one with each one of them. Hence, by using a method commonly used by actors, we can draw closer to the Father by experiencing the consciousness of His other personalities.

I hope you like Regina my E-Voice Apparatus. She will be assisting me. Enjoy the exercise and have a great day.

Begin by becoming comfortable. Place feet flat on the floor, and rest hands on thighs palms down. Now, without moving your head look up at the ceiling. Pick a spot, and count slowly to ten. One, two, three, four, five, six. Notice, as you count that your eyes are beginning to become strained with a small amount of tension seven, eight, nine, ten. Now feel the tension in your eyelids increase. Now take a deep breath, exhale, and allow your eyelids to close gently. Notice how easy it is for your eyelids to relax. Your eyelids are the easiest part of the body to relax. Now take a deep breath and exhale, sending that feeling of relaxation from your eyelids right down the body to the toes and into the floor. Repeat. Take another deep breath, exhale, and move the feeling of calm relaxation down the body to the toes until the whole body becomes as relaxed as the eyelids. Take another deep breath and exhale, sending another flow of relaxation from the top of your head right down to your toes. Now take another deep breath and send another stream of relaxation from your head down to your toes, increasing the feeling of relaxation. Feel the whole body become so relaxed that it cannot move. It feels great to be so relaxed that the body has become still, an immoveable statue.

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Another example is that my theme is transformation, and my mission is to inspire transformation (evolution of the conscious mind of man) in other human beings in order for them to achieve excellence in all areas of their lives, leading to the path of rapture to all those with whom I come in contact, elevating their state of being and transforming them to new heights. A friend of mine, Sharon, has a theme of compassion. Her mission is to facilitate individuals to accept themselves and others and to help them open to their highest and best possibilities. Please take note that in both examples, there is the element of service to humanity. This element of service is in harmony with the fundamentals that provide a state of equilibrium in nature. All forms of life provide a service to create this state of equilibrium on this habitat we call Earth. A theme is the seed for a mission. It is the one thing that only one person can perform at any one singular moment, at a particular place. In the eyes of the Father, all themes are equal, for all themes and the personalities that perform them are all parts of Him.

In order for individuals to discern a personal theme, the journey to discovery becomes inward. One must first disconnect from all outside influences. Lot’s wife is turned into a pillar of salt when she turns back to look at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because her heart (conscious thoughts) was still attached to the cities. One’s theme is not associated with symbols of possessions or fame. Owning a mansion is a symbol of worldly success. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all will be added unto you” (Matthew 6: 33, kjv). We must first desire God and turn inward in order to eat from the Tree of Life in order to answer the age-old question, “Why am I here?” When you can honestly answer this question, you begin the journey home, back to the garden of Eden, the place of oneness.

The following are a series of preliminary exercises to begin the journey of discovery. For best results, make a recording of the following guided mediations, and then allow the recording to be the guide. This method will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process. Parents can guide children through this process of relaxation and meditation. Please note that mastering this technique provides greater level of achieving complete relaxation. Remember that both the body and mind must be in a state of relaxation in order to access memory in the subconscious. As in the preliminary exercises, practice this guided meditation until you are able to follow each of the suggestions without interruptions. Remember that the goal is to create an imaginary world that appears as vivid as our physical reality.

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