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Why does God deliver? I will answer this question from how the Holy Spirit is prompting me to answer. The question that many people ask is, “I did not ask to be born and it is not fair that I should go to Hell if I did not ask to be here. I did not ask to have this body, and this weakness, therefore, why should I be punished?” I know that I have asked these questions myself. Now let us examine why God delivers us. God knows all of the questions I have asked and God would say I am right you had no choice in Me creating you. The Holy Spirit is answering this as I write. “I knew that man would sin since I created man from the dust of the earth and therefore there is darkness as part of man’s nature. I knew that man would sin. Since My Justice requires punishment and My mercy forgiveness I provided a means to satisfy both conditions.

For my creation to be created from Light and destroy darkness and sin that is present in man and in the world forever. To satisfy both the conditions for Justice and Mercy I would have to die in man’s place to do so I became man. Once that was completed man now had a choice to remain in darkness and be punished or to receive My light and live with me for all eternity. Now mankind would have the choice they did not have upon entering the world.” Since God created man from the dust of the earth, which predisposes man to sin. God’s justice also requires Him to rectify the predisposed condition. God’s love and mercy would require action on man’s behalf since they did not request to be created. Therefore God’s sacrifice of Himself as Christ satisfies all the conditions of justice and mercy.


On this pass Sunday in Culver City, CA I listened to a charlatan, false prophet using covert hypnosis to indoctrinate his followers into this materialist notion that they are at one with the universe, the vibration of the universe, God if you will. He took phrases from the Bible and used them to suite his message on having this people believe that they are at One with the universe and that the universe will provide all that they desire. He never once mentioned that for Oneness to occur there is a need for redemption. All men (this includes women) are separated from God, the Universe, by a selfish, egotistical, self-centered attitude, the same identical attitude of Satan who desires to be above God. This charlatan without any reference of redemption claims that all that is need to have all our needs met on/in this physical plane is simple to accept Oneness with the Universe, God, the Vibration. Though he mentioned Jesus twice he never stated the need for accepting that Yashua the Messiah/Jesus the Anointed paid the price for redemption and becomes the doorway/path for unity.

To use a modern metaphor you computer cannot access the Internet without a provider. If you don’t pay the provider you don’t have access. So it is with the Spiritual World without Jesus the Provider there is no link between the Physical World/Computer and the Spiritual World/Internet. You are unable to upload or download information. Without Christ you are deceived by Satan the ruler of the Physical World of Illusion, for the wealth of this world are of no concern of God’s. Life in Abundance does not mean a life on/in the physical realm, a life with wealth, but Eternal Life in the Spiritual Realm.

Christ said. “What profit a men if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.” You cannot worship money and God one or the other.