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Various theologians have made their professional opinion of who the so called Anti-Christ is or will be and who is the Harlot but they are blinded by there dislike for the Roman Catholic Church that they fail to see the truth. A Messiah can only come from one group of people and that nation is the Harlot.

A month ago I completed my commentary on the Book of Revelation. I was told to write it by the Lord and I was told I would also be aided in the writing.  It took nearly 2 years to  complete. I prayed, meditated and researched each chapter and verse. The commentary is not based on any particular church doctrine. As an elementary teacher and also a college level adjunct professor I have taught writing.  I was guided to examine the book from a literary position by examining the material as an autobiography of two major characters God and His creation. I am now offering this guided work in a pdf file free of charge. If you wish to read the commentary you can get a copy by requesting it in writing to me at

You also have my permission to share the file with family and friends. You will discover that a good deal of what is presently taught is incorrect. Thank you for your continued support and God Bless.

The world is filled will all types of evil and become worse. This morning the Holy Spirit spoke to me and gave me a simple but might prayer to say consistently, in order to finally put and end to evil in our world. I created this short video in order to share the prayer and to ask you to share it. God Bless:






Will – Intention two words that can often have similar meaning yet different result when see them in application. An intention is something you would like to happen but requires another to help and will is what can be done by oneself. Today discussion is a look at these two terms and the results. The key question to ask yourself is, “Am I struggling with the how?” Music and a wonderful mediation to assist in a positive result of making an Intention and the Will become the same.

The question “Am I Worthy” and your answer can be the very cause of what keeps you from accomplishing your goals in every area of your life. The biggest reason we often feel not worthy can come from a very small reason that makes us feel guilty, and guilt will make us feel very unworthy. Now there is a very simple way to over come the feeling of guilt and to feel very worthy that is the topic of today’s show along with a meditation to help you feel worthy.


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Listen to the show and discover how looking back at 2014 can be a great source of information. What we have accomplished and what we may have failed to accomplish. This gives us the information needed as to what we may need to do in 2015. Find out how you can achieve greater success in 2015. Join us in a meditation that will accelerate the process and enjoy the music.


Doc Speaks Show On Intention Radio

How to have a good day every day is something we all would  like to have. Yet, we seem to have bad days as well.  Doc on today’s show presents a series of creative action techniques that have demonstrated their ability to produce better living for those who practice them. These techniques are easy and anyone, even children can perform them. Each day put these techniques into action and see the results. The show is also presenting music by Frank Thomson that follows the them of today’s show along with a meditation to help you put these techniques into practice. Here are just four idea that will help you to have a Good day: wake up creatively, conditioning the mind, keeping emotions under control, and how to like people.

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Love isn’t just a word and there are no words can describe God’s love. “Love God with all you heart and soul and love your neighborhood, as you love yourself.” This is what we need more of and less of what is happening in the world today.  Music by the b-attitudes, and Flo, you must listen to their songs, and a meditation by Cybergina.


Traveling around the Earth you can see the natural beauty of it and what are the chances that all these different forms could have been done by accident, 10 to the power of 300 or more, (300 zeros after the 10). Also for a planet like ours to have been created by chance the odds are even greater. Here is the to Good News it wasn’t, therefore, it must have been made by a Master Artist.

A “Beautiful World” by Danny Shipley, a 22 year old Christian Musician from Cleveland, Ohio who has been playing music for 11 years and writing songs for the past 8. His musical journey began with playing guitar in churches, which led to joining alternative rock bands, as well as metal bands. He decided to take a different path in 2012 as a song writer/solo artist.  His first EP was recorded in February 2014 and he is loving every show. There are a few more songs by Danny on the show and a wonderful meditation by Cybergina.

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The gift on Love brings with it talents that we are able to use during our life time. Now there are two major Books one deals with what I plan to do for love and Book 2 is what I did for Love they are a two part series by the same author.

I also have  Sha King sharing about his early experiences with music and singing that lead him to his present career. The Way by Jeremy Camp and Love Will Find You by Jaci Velasquez are two great songs on todays show along with a meditation to having you experience peace in your heart and soul.


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